Monday, November 10, 2008


Matthew has switched from calling Sean "Dada" to "Dadeeeee!" - we aren't sure where he got this as we don't refer to Sean as "Daddy" ever, but it's the cutest thing!

He's also started saying a few two-word sentences. Just in the past week we've heard:
- "Cat, hiiii!"
- "Daddy non" (gone)
- "Cat non"
- "Mama off" (when I got him undressed for the bath, he pointed to my shirt and said this... as if to say I'm not going to be the only one to has to take off their clothes! hahaha)

Yes - observing when things are gone is also a new thing, and he holds out his hands as if to say "Where'd they go anyway?"

Another cute thing he's doing now is saying "Ummmm.", like when we're playing the 'what does it say?' game and I'm in between naming animals for him, or when he's trying to think of an answer, or sometimes just randomly we'll hear, "ummmmm" as though the cogs are really turning in there.