Friday, October 10, 2008

First time-out (and so it begins...)

Well, Matthew had his first time-out this evening. I wasn't necessarily going to start them this soon :) But, in a moment of frustration I said "You're going to get a time-out!"... and once I said it, I had to do it. Here's how it played out.

So Matthew was eating his dinner and suddenly began flinging food off his tray. Now, he KNOWS he's not supposed to do that... but he IS only 16 months old, so I said, "No, Matthew, we don't throw food."

He looked at me, smiled, and then scooped up some food and tossed it off his tray. And then looked at me. Hmmmm.

So I said, "Matthew, NO - do NOT throw your food!" and grabbed his hands to try to contain the flying food. What does he do? Wrestles his hands free, looks at me, smiles... and tosses more food to the floor.

Oh, man. So, into time-out he went. I set the microwave timer for one minute, sat him on the step and said, "You're in time-out for throwing food. Now, sit there, until the timer goes off." Of course I had to keep sitting him down on the step... but when the timer went off, I said, "Okay, now come give Mama a hug." And he did. And then he looked at me like I was nuts, and toddled away. Haha.

First time for everything I guess! :)