Monday, March 17, 2008

A little update!

Matthew is growing by leaps and bounds, I can hardly keep up anymore.

He can now say a few words in addition to mama and dada:
- DUCK ("duck", sometimes "dut")
- CAT ("dat", sometimes "cat")
- LIGHT ("ite", sometimes "light")
- YES ("esh")
- FISH ("fthhhh")
- WHAT'S THAT? ("at?")
- He tries to say giraffe but it comes out as "ff", bath comes out as "bouf", and I think he is trying to say elephant, but it comes out as "epthh", hehe

He's also trying very, very hard to crawl. As of today he is doing a sort-of side wiggle to get to a toy in front of him. It's only a matter of time now. He's figured out how to get onto his tummy from sitting and can spin in circles and go backwards too. He basically isn't staying put, let's put it that way. Also when I got him from his nap today, he was in his crib on all fours. THAT was a first!

Yesterday he figured out how to point with his index fingers. That, combined with asking "what's that?" ("at?") means I'm constantly naming things for him :) Which is fun.