Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Even a Dum-Dum Can Grow Yum-Yums

I am proof that even someone who knows (next to) nothing about gardening and plants can grow stuff.

In fact, even someone who starts their seeds far too early, keeps them in containers too small and forgets to water them sometimes can grow decent sized plants.

IN FACT, even after trying to kill half the plants by letting them grow up to touch the lights they are under and half of them burn and whither as a result, I still have somewhat healthy-looking plants. The Yum-yum peppers - which I admit I ordered based solely on their adorable name - are doing so well that even though they got scorched, they are still producing flower buds (which I plucked off... should I have done that?). So far I am loving the yum-yums!

If you're hesitant to try growing veggies from seed indoors, I am here to tell you to just go for it, because you really can't make more mistakes than I have... and here I am with these lush, gorgeous, huge plants ready to move outside and flourish in the garden (in theory).

The stress of tending to them (or, NOT tending to them, and calling the Hubs in a bit of a panic to rescue the poor things - thanks dear) is starting to get to me though. I can't wait to get them out in the garden where I won't have to keep a nightly watch on them, individually watering, pruning, fertilizing, rotating, propping up and trying to keep them from touching the lights. Moving out to the garden has its own set of stressors though (pests! predators! burning sun! flooding rain! FROST!!) so for now I'm happy to keep these little guys tucked in and warm. Really, really warm.

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