Tuesday, April 08, 2014

April: The Month of Waiting

I'm told Spring is coming. It WILL come. It HAS to. We are nearly there...

April... Inside: I've got lovely little plants flourishing under grow lights. Outside: everything is sopping wet. It's still pretty cold and dark. Every morning going to the window to see if the clumps of snow have finally disappeared (answer: no... but we're close!). The ground is probably pretty frozen under all that mud and yuck.

The waiting is killing me.

Knowing how much work awaits me in the garden, I am itching to get a jump on it, but the weather this Spring just hasn't cooperated. As I'm limited to the weekends, it really depends on a few hours of sunshine at just the right time (in our house: baby's nap time!). Do you hear me Mother Nature?? I need some warmth and sun please! 

In the meantime, I've got thoughts of planning and decisions to make:

  • compost versus aged manure? Both? What about mulch? When can I put it all in the raised beds? Is there anything else I need to add (lime?? bonemeal??)
  • hoop tunnels versus cold frames?
  • when to start hardening off
  • what to use for supports for peas, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes...
  • when can I really start planting out the lettuce, leeks, onions, spinach...
  • can I convince The Hubs to build me a garden shed next to the house?
  • is this Spring really going to be as cold and crappy as the Almanac predicts?
Who knew veggie gardening would be so time consuming... and complex... and addictive?

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  1. Here in Indiana spring finally sprung after the most brutal winter on record. I feel your pain in the anticipation of getting started. We're still trying to catch up since so much time was lost from the extended winter.
    I can't answer most of your questions, but have found hoop tunnels to be a great season extender, provided you get some sunny days. I'd take a sunny 20F day in a heart beat over a 35F overcast day.
    Good luck with your gardening this season!


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