Monday, November 26, 2012

Diary of a Real Pregnancy: Week 30 - Retribution

I KNEW it wasn't a good idea to post "out loud" about getting a break for all the yucky pregnancy stuff. I knew it. Just like you never post publicly about your baby sleeping through the night... You're only setting yourself up for a week of hellatious nights of screaming baby crapola. Well that's what happened... retribution for posting about a reprieve: everything came back. And then some.

My feet started to swell up. Not a ton, but it's started. My ankles disappeared for a day, but then they came back (phew).

My back... Oh, my back. Ow. I'm back to hobbling around like an old lady... Not good.

Heartburn... Wow. Just... wow. Officially taking those heartburn meds twice a day and also popping Gaviscon in between, which I'm not sure if really recommended but acid in your throat = not much fun so I'm doing everything I can to keep it at bay. Blech.

Weight gain. Alright now it's just getting ridiculous. I had a doctor's appointment and as I lumbered toward the scale I wondered if there was a good reason for all this misery to return. There was. I cringed when the doc flipped the scale weight thingy to the next slot... from '50' to '60'. Um, don't do that... stop it. Ack... I'm up to 164 lbs. *sob* Doc didn't bat an eye, reminded me I'm growing a baby, blah blah. I know this. I gained a lot of weight last two pregnancies, I know it will come off, eventually. I also know gaining 34 lbs at this point means swollen feet, reflux, and a sore back! Poop.

Ah well. Everything else is fine, baby's heartbeat was around 125 (lower than it's been... Hmm), blood pressure was fine, pee was fine. Baby is head down, yay! And, big bonus: I got the coveted Doctor's Note for prenatal massage. Woot!

I took that note and ran (okay hobbled) straight to an RMT on my day off this week and it was like angels singing from above.

Prenatal massage... pretty much the best thing ever. Ever. I'm planning to go back every two weeks and then maybe every week in January until baby comes. I officially love that RMT. I might marry her. Oh wait, I'm already married. I'll bring her chocolate instead.

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