Monday, November 12, 2012

Diary of a Real Pregnancy: Week 28 - Baby Shower!

I was so lucky this week to have a surprise baby shower! Totally out of left field as I assumed (incorrectly) that third babies don't *really* warrant a shower of any kind. Silly me! I'm the one who's always saying "Every baby deserves to be celebrated!" but figured that only applied to other people ;)

The shower was fun, just a few friends and my mom and sister (thank you!!), gathered around with a lot of pink stuff and yummy food and drinks to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over baby girl clothes. :) And of course a few silly games!
  • Guess mom's 'girth' - each person cut a length of ribbon that they thought was about the size of my mid-section. I was fabulous at this game, because I didn't play (too easy to cheat ;)).
  • Name the TV Kids: we went through 6 TV families and had to name their children (ie, Simpsons, Family Ties, Brady Bunch..). I was terrible at this game.
  • A memory game where you view the tray of baby/mom stuff (including a wine stopper in this case, haha) and you have to remember as many items as possible. I was terrible at this game.
  • "Don't say Baby" - each person got a charm to wear, and if they said "baby", the person who caught them got to steal their charm. I was terrible at this game (I lost mine first).
Sensing a theme?? Clearly I am not cut out to be a fit parent (as long as we're basing it on my game success/failure rate). But, it was fun, and I ate a lot even though everyone else was trying to be polite and didn't eat a thing. More for me! :) ha!

And of course I got to go home with a bunch of new stuff for this wee one, which was a bonus. And made things seem all the more real, since at only 28 weeks it seems super early to be dragging anything out of closets and bins and I haven't seen a newborn anything in about 3 years. I guess it's not THAT early... Mama better get cracking on that To Do list!

As a side, we didn't take ANY pictures, because we are ridiculous. You'll just have to use your imagination as to what it was like!
baby shower pregnant beer
Or this. But, made you look!

party girls
It was literally nothing like this.
OH and... I started the Third Trimester this week!! Holy heck! I am obviously getting huge now as a single day or regular chore-like stuff (clearing garden debris, putting away outdoor stuff for winter, hacking away at tree limbs) left me literally unable to walk. My back can't take it. Sigh. Really, really time to book that prenatal massage!

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