Monday, October 08, 2012

Diary of a Real Pregnancy - Week 23: Back pain, but Eating Well Again!

Week 23 - Back pain, but Eating Well Again!

So I finally implemented the healthy eating plan and I can tell you it's going very well so far. Shocked?? Me too!

I still snack on things I shouldn't (who doesn't have a weakness for chips and chocolate??) but having a drawer / fridge full of healthy snacks at work means I get a lot more of the good stuff and a lot less  of the bad. My mid-afternoon treat is a cup of Greek yogurt, instead of a chocolate bar. And, lo and behold, I am actually feeling better too! DUH moment of the week -- eat well = feel well. Genius.

My appetite hasn't decreased ANY yet, in fact I think the baby must be gowing through a growth spurt lately because I can eat and eat and eat and just not. get. full. I really have to take a belly pic one of these days since I've totally popped out (especially after I eat, haha).

I like the way this guy thinks.
This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada... such a lovely time of year. Mostly because of the food! As an example of my insatiable appetite (which is SO strange for me... I usually eat a little bit and I'm full), I had a FULL plate of Thanksgiving dinner *drool* and a big piece of pumpkin cheesecake *drool* and when everyone else at the table was bemoaning the amount of food they just consumed, I skipped out to the kitchen and came back with a plate of cookies. Hee!

Being over-5-months-pregnant and over-the-hill means I can't do what I used to be able to, though. Reality sets in when an afternoon of cooking and then planting bulbs in the garden the next day = exhaustion, stiffness and screaming back pain. Woe is me! At this point I can find relief with a magic bag and a Tylenol, but you bet your bottom dollar I'll be booking a pregnancy massage soon. Really just an excuse to be pampered for an hour, but I remember the sweet, sweet relief that it brought last time, and I'm all ready for that kind of attention :)

In the meantime we're trying to come up with some inventive Halloween costumes for the Hubs and I this year. We have a few ideas but would love more. Anything really unique out there for a preggo and her hubby? Share your ideas and if we pick one of them, I'll post pics and give you full credit!
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  1. How about a fisherman and a goldfish bowl?

    1. I love this idea! We already have a Sou'Wester at home too :)


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