Thursday, July 12, 2012

Diary of a Real Pregnancy - Week 11: The Miracle of Maternity Pants

Cue the angel music from above. "Laaaaaaaaaaaaa!"


This is the week that I finally broke down and dug out some maternity pants. Oh wonderous day!! No more pinching, squishing into ill-fitting pants meant for someone not bearing fruit. No! It is finally the time for stretchy pants. Dance with me!

It's seriously a great feeling to fit into pants once again. Thankfully in this day and age we're not limited to ugly pants with those huge stretchy panels on the front. Now you can get pretty stylish duds with adaptable waistbands that you can actually use in the first trimester and beyond. I was so happy to be 'unbound' in the waist department that I went around showing anyone who knows my news, "Check it OUT! Stretchy pants! Wa-laa!"... I'm certain they all appreciated this demonstration. I know I did.

Besides stretchy pants there's really not a whole lot going on this week. Personally I'm a bit more gassy (lovely) and still hungry all the time and tired. What else is new?

We still don't even know if any of this is real and that's enough to stress you the freak out. I mean... what if it's all some cruel joke? I'm really just getting fat (and haven't gotten my period in three months). That's totally possible. All kidding aside, it would definitely be nice to have some proof that all is well... I have been trying in vain to pick up the heartbeat on a home doppler which hasn't worked (um, baby is the size of a green bean or something, so tricky to track down!), and that's causing even more stress. Gaah. And don't tell me that stress isn't good for the baby because everyone knows that... it doesn't help!

For me, our first ultrasound is next week. Until then... I'll be poking the doppler into my belly, then getting frustrated and angry and throwing it across the room, then acting like I'm fine. Really. Totally. Fine. I'm sure everything's fine.

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