Friday, May 11, 2012

My glorious day OFF!

When I heard that the kids' daycare would be putting on a Mother's Day event this afternoon, I decided to attend. Since I'd have to be there at 3:00, I figured, I better take the whole day off work. Heh.

There is really nothing better as a mom than an entire day (until 3:00 anyway) to do whatever. Anything. The day is MINE! I feel so free!!

So, what am I doing on my day off?

Cleaning. Laundry. Organizing. (well right after I finish this post...)

And sadly, I could NOT be more excited about this.

You see, as a work-outside-the-home mom it's very rare that I get any time in my house without other people (little and big) around, making messes and needing things. There are the ever-loving piles of laundry - clean and dirty - begging for attention. There are the scuzzy floors that almost never see a cleaning product. The toilets... 'science experiment' comes to mind. Yech.

So, after sleeping in (thankyouhubby!!) until 7:30 am (my 19-year-old self just recoiled), drinking coffee in my PJs ALONE, tending to my seedlings and plants (update on them to come soon), playing a little DrawSomething, and writing this post, I'm off to do laundry and clean toilets.


I really need a day off every week. An actual day off - not a weekend day, those are worse than weekdays! The errands, activities, messy kids... No, a real day off where I get to choose what to do with my time. If not every week, maybe every 6 months?

A girl can dream.