Monday, May 14, 2012

Garden update... my beds are in!

My beds are in!! Woot woot! The Hubs has worked tirelessly to make these gorgeous raised garden beds for me, and install them (level and everything). Aren't they *pretty*??

We just need to line the bottom with wire mesh to stop the critters from getting at my veggies from below, and fill them with dirt. Yay! Then the real work begins!

In other garden news... My not-so-little seedlings are growing like crazy! One very important lesson I've learned: transplanting seedlings at the right time is crucial. Case in point: I started these tomato plants at the same time from seed, and they were roughly the same size when I transplanted the one on the right to a bigger container. Seriously. That's the only difference. Whaaaat!

That photo, and these, were taken about 10 days ago. The tomato plants are about 18" now, and I've started hardening them off (putting them outside for a few hours a day to get used to the 'real world'). I've also turned off the grow lights at night. Tough love!
Green onion & carrots (we'll see how those do after they're transplanted...)

Zucchini, beans, tomatoes

Arugula & mizuna (so yummy, I've been sampling!), a couple of pathetic non-transplanted tomatoes, and a sad little leek. What's up with those?

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