Monday, April 02, 2012


We have sprouts! My little seedlings are emerging. I am giddy!

Go to the light, little green dudes!
This past weekend, I mapped out the location for our raised garden beds (ie the future home of our little seedlings). I had taken a few pictures at different times of day, and then laid out some wood where I thought we should build.

I think I've decided on two 4x8 beds. I don't know if that makes me ambitious, or naive, or just crazy... but I think I will need the space for everything I'm planning to plant. Here's the list... Eek!
- tomatoes (three kinds)
- cucumber (will try to stake so they grow 'up')
- green onions
- carrots (two kinds)
- leeks
- green leaf lettuce & arugula
- peppers
- beans
- pumpkins (not in the beds, might just throw these to the side and see what happens)
- mizuna? (don't even know what this is but got some seeds from Nikki Jabbour so am determined to grow it regardless)

The first thing I did when I decided to build a veggie garden was to choose what we'll grow. I wanted things we love to eat (obviously!) but also plants that are pretty easy to grow in our climate.

Second was reading up on starting veggies from seed, buying a few seed trays, and reading up on when to start them. That's when it started to get overwhelming - there are a lot of dates to keep track of! So I plugged them all into Cozi, starting with our usual last frost and working backwards.

Anyway now I've got a few things started under lights in our basement (The Hubs wondered if any neighbours would think we were starting a grow-op!) and have ordered soil to be delivered the first week of May. Now we need to plan and buy materials for the actual beds, and build them... Meanwhile I'm checking Cozi regularly for when I needs to start more seeds. I realized I should have basil going already (oops)and will plan cucumbers and peppers this weekend just to get them going.

Do I have time for all this? NO! But I can't help myself! It's an illness!