Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seedling Watch 2012

We have more things sprouting up over here and doing a lot of planning. It's very exciting!

First - The Hubs is awesome. I mentioned (three weeks ago *cough*) that I needed my new grow light mounted somehow, to make it useable. I may have said something about making it adjustable... if possible. THIS is what he made for me! It's fully adjustable... though the height seems fine to me. Cool huh?

I have to say this project has meant a lot of learning on my part, some of it unexpected. Did you know that green, yellow, and red pepper are all the same plant? They're just picked at different times. WHAT!

My little seedlings are coming along as well. Unfortunately, being a bit of a disorganized twit, I've lost track of which plants are which. I know what most of them are, generally, but I've got all my tomato plants mixed up and some random cells of seeds weren't marked (me: "I'll totally remember what this is") so... yeah. Next year (if I do this again) I will come up with a good way to ID seedlings!

A few pics of my newest babies, half of which I'm sure I wasn't even supposed to start indoors but... my raised beds aren't built yet! (Hopefully this weekend...) Aren't they cute?

tomato (pretty huh?)
crazy zucchini (this is 2 weeks!)
green onion - not sure what's up with these
green leaf lettuce

I wanted the kids to get into the seedling action, so I had them shove a couple of bean seeds into some dirt just for fun. I had NO IDEA they'd do THIS. And that's the small one! Dude!