Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post-holiday Hangover

Christmas Dinner: if it weren't for my hands,
my face would be on the table
(and I didn't even cook!)
Phew. So that's it then. It's all done. The lists, the shopping, the wrapping... Sending of packages, filling of stockings (not that I did that - it was Santa), eating of cookies and turkey. I must say, a week of staying up past midnight and drinking all that wine (I was forced) really did me in. Clearly I am not the partier I once was! So I was all too happy to send the kids off to daycare today while I stayed home, albeit feeling a *little* guilty about it. Apparently we were one of only four neglectful families to send their kids off to the daycare today. Hey - one-on-one time with their teachers. That's what we're paying them for. (Thank GOODNESS they are open this week!!)

To assuage the guilt, I made a list of things I wanted to get done while the kids were gone all day. Now, I did have to work from home this morning, so really it's just the afternoon.
  • put away new toys, clothes etc. Meaning: find somewhere to cram them, or find toys to give away to make room.
  • take down decorations
  • finish laundry
  • clean the kitchen for the umpteenth time this week
  • vacuum tree needles from the living room floor, couches, and various other nooks and crannies that they find their way into
  • organize closets and dressers, since we've been living out of laundry baskets for weeks and finally got all the clothing put away and realized half of it doesn't fit or is out of season
  • various painting projects that I've been ignoring for, oh, years
  • print wedding photos (long overdue)
  • begin work on a few websites

What I've actually gotten done so far:
  • eat lunch

Next I plan to take a nap, then maybe shower and get dressed. Guilt Schmilt; it's my day off.