Monday, December 12, 2011

Mom Brain

You have no idea how often I say the phrase "Mom Brain" as a way of explaining my sieve-like brain. Something happens the moment you get pregnant for the first time - your brain turns to mush. Like, actual grey-matter mush. Apparently, this phenomenon never really goes away, since I heard my own mother say the other day "I have a brain like a sieve!" And she's right - she does. It's the kids; kids kill brain cells, it's a fact, and you never, ever get them back. It's a wonder I can find my way to work every day - though I have arrived without my laptop and had to drive all the way home to get it. Mom brain. You just don't have enough room in your brain for everything, so mother nature thought it would be cute to give us the ability to remember the most mundane facts: registration date for swimming lessons, show and tell day, bake sale volunteer list, but not the most important: where your keys are, what day it is, your own cell phone number.

With that said, I was reminded once again of my Mom Brain tonight. In my excitement about getting the blog revived, I published my last post with a nice shout-out to my June Moms (you know who you are) but totally neglected my September Mommies (you know who you are). So sorry... Mom Brain! I know you all know how it is! I kid you not, I actually lost my computer for a good half an hour tonight. Not entirely my fault, as it was moved by someone (ahem), but it still took me a full half hour of looking for it, thinking "WHERE could I have put it??" before I found it. Mom Brain.