Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little swimmer!

Matthew had his very first swim class today and it was awesome!

It's held at a nearby community pool, and is a class designed for kids under 5 - parents go in the water with them and the instructor does these little games and songs. It's mostly to get them used to the water, start kicking and splashing, blowing bubbles, etc.

He didn't really like it much when we first got in - it was a lot of new sights and sounds and his first time in a pool. He also hadn't had breakfast so for one reason or another he started crying when we first got in. I think he was also a bit cold since I kept holding him out of the water.

But... once he got used to it he really seemed to enjoy it! By the end of the class he was dunking his face in the water (much to my horror, but he loved it) and splashing and kicking. I was able to just hold him under the armpits and swing him around and splash and stuff - it was great! In addition to him liking it, which was a bonus, I was just thankful that he wasn't THAT KID... you know the one - at the side of the pool, cute as can be in his shiny new swim trunks and red face, screaming bloody murder and trying to claw his way out of the building ;)

Either way, I can't wait til next week. Hopefully Matthew will jump right in and start swimming with gusto like some of the other kids :) but I'll be happy if he just splashes around and enjoys himself.