Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Leaps and Bounds!

Matt will be 8 months old this week, and I just had to share all the things he has learned to do in just the past couple of weeks. It's amazing to me how quickly he learns things now!!

- He can wave "bye bye"! This just started on the weekend.
- Takes toys out of his toy container one by one... and last night started putting them back too
- Raises his arms when he wants to be picked up (sometimes)
- Will stand himself up from sitting if you give him your fingers to hold onto
- Throws small toys (oh joy ;) ), rolls balls, and can make cars 'go' if you set them up for him
- He'll use a toy in his hand like a tool to knock down a tower of blocks
- He sleeps on his side sometimes - as I discovered this afternoon!
- He can turn on the music on his train - no small feat considering he has to tip it over and reach in to press the big button on the bottom
- He dances to music!
- He knows the word 'banana'... as we found out last night when he was being a pill at dinner, not wanting anything and protesting everything being offered. Finally Sean said "Banana? Would you like some banana?" and Matt immediately stopped crying and looked at him all happy. We gave him some banana and he gobbled it all up!
- And of course he has been sitting up really well for a couple of weeks now.

Can you believe all the amazing things he can do? :)