Monday, January 28, 2008

More things he can do

Just a few more things he has learned how to do lately - it's getting hard to keep up!
- bang two objects together
- share his food, loves sharing his soggy toast with mama!
- scoot forward on his bum a few inches
- starting to imitate sounds: I will say "duck" and he says "dut", "quack quack quack" and he'll say "dat dat dat", this morning I said "that's your BRUSH" and he said "Bthhh". :)
- now waves hi, bye and goodnight. So cute!
- can turn himself around 90 degrees while sitting
- feeds himself with a spoon if I hand him the spoon with food on it (and he's in the mood). We're working on getting him to hand BACK the spoon, instead of biffing it to the floor.