Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ten things my kids love (and I hate)

  1. Running away from me. Grocery store, daycare pickup, trying to get out the door in the morning... doesn't matter, as long as I want them to stay here and they want to be... anywhere else. Run away! Hee hee! Mom is clenching both her fists and her teeth! Wee! Run!
  2. Wiggling and squirming into a pretzel shape during diaper changes. Now, this only applies to one of them, but for a 2.5-year-old she is surprisingly strong and nimble. Haha! She'll NEVER get that diaper on me! Wee!
  3. Dora the freaking screaming Explorer.
  4. Absurd requests as I'm leaving the room at bedtime. I can have bunny? Other bunny? NO OTHER BUNNY. Thomas Snowsuit book? Chocolate milk? A bandaid on my knee? Three more stories? One? A short one? Stand at the end of my bed with your arms in the air and sing opera until I fall asleep?
  5. Making noises with food.
  6. Throwing food.
  7. Coordinating themselves so they are never both looking at the camera at the same time while smiling. Ready? 1... 2... 3... look away! Bwahahahaha. She took the picture. 
  8. Drawing on themselves.
  9. Waiting until other parents are within earshot to lose their schmidt. Bonus points if they can work in the phrase, "Owww you're hurting me!!"
  10. Waiting until their Dad and I start talking to each other to NEED SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, ensuring that we will never finish another conversation for as long as we both shall live.