Thursday, September 23, 2010

Matthew, assembled by John

Yesterday on the way home from school, Matthew was looking at his hand and said, "Oh! Mommy, my other finger is smaller than this finger!" (looking as his index and middle). I absently say "Yes, honey, they are different sizes...". He says "But... WHY Mommy??" like all concerned. I start to explain that that's how they're made, and he says:
"Oh... I know. When the man was putting my parts on my self... this finger was down a little." *pause* "The man, his name is John."
Me: "John?" (chuckling)
Him: "Yes, John. When the man was putting the parts of my body on - together - this finger was down a little... so then he put the next finger on. So it's not the same."

Then he nods, as if to confirm that that is indeed what happened, and starts to babble about something else entirely.

The things three-year-olds come up with!!