Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Day Two

Today was (is) "day two" for both kids... Since yesterday went fairly well for Matthew at orientation - he didn't want to leave after his hour was up - the teacher suggested he stay for the morning today, rather than just an hour again. So we headed out this morning with both kids and their little backpacks... drop M off first and I expect it to be a little rough. We found his hooks and hung up his stuff... went to his classroom, and a teacher was there to say "Hi Matthew!!" I crouch down to give M the speech about it's just the morning, I'll be back soon etc -- as I get started he's like, "Okay," and runs into the classroom. Seriously didn't even wave goodbye! I was like "Hey, come back here!" lol (the teacher sortof laughing at me at this point), and "Give Mommy a kiss!" so he comes and gives me a kiss on the cheek, says "Bye Mom." and away he goes. I seriously almost burst into tears right there.

Meanwhile Emily and Sean are waiting so I run back to the car and on the way to drop Emily at Mimi's I told Sean the story, and he just chuckled (as I'm totally tearing up, haha). Go to drop Emily off and it's the same thing, I hand her over expecting tears... nope. She waves bye-bye and Mimi puts her on the floor, and she crawls away with a big smile.

Dude. I guess I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome... I'm the only one crying today!