Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Crawl Watch 2010... and one kid is potty trained

Emily is going to crawl soon... I can feel it.. As you know Matthew never crawled (not until well after he learned to walk) -- he was a bum scooter. He just hated being on his tummy so much that he never did it, and never learned to get up on all fours etc. Whereas Emily *loves* to be on her tummy, she can now turn in a circle while on her tummy and push herself backwards, as well as rolling across the room. In the past two days while sitting a few times she has put one leg out to the side and leaned forward, almost getting on all fours. She can also almost get up on all fours from her tummy (it's a bit of a 'squashed' all fours, but it's close). If I put her on all fours, she will rock back and forth... clearly wanting to get somewhere!

This is very exciting for us, since I've never really seen this up close, haha. Will keep you all posted on the progress! :)

In other news... Matthew has pretty much given up his nap entirely. I would be more upset if he hadn't traded it for something really great - getting himself potty trained! He is dry and clean most mornings, and we will hear him toddle off to the bathroom to pee on his own. Funny to say this but it is such a great sound for a parent to hear! Haha. He's been dry for about a week now... I think we're nearly ready to make the switch to undies full-time! So exciting! Now we just need to curb the night-time potty habits (running to the bathroom 14,000 times after he's supposed to be in bed... ugh) and we're all set.

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