Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I was surprised that Matthew actually got excited about his costume, agreed to put it on, wore the hat and ran around telling everyone he was a fireman!   Last year he was SO NOT into it - the costume, the Trick-or-treating, the face paint... Just wasn't into it. And up until today he wasn't showing much interest this year either. But... we did pumpkins this morning and he LOVED that - smooshing his hands in the goo, painting his pumpkin, the works. Then after nap we got our costumes on and he was thrilled to dress up as a fireman :D  Went to a party at our friends' place, he kept the costume on the entire time, and then when it was time for trick-or-treating he did SO great, walking up the street singing "Trick-or-treeeeeat, trick-or-treeeeaaaat!" We only went to about 10 houses but he had a blast and said "Thank you!" after every one. And when he got home he had so much fun putting candy in other kids' bags - more fun than getting his own candy, I think. He'd say "Trick or treat!" so each kid who came up the steps. All around I'd say it was a complete success. (Except when I did bedtime with Emily in his room, and Matthew threw a fit because he wanted 'Baby Sistah' to sleep in his bed with him. Oops!)

Here are a few pics of our day / night!
Painting his pumpkin:

Ready to go to the party (with his "fireman juice"), and at the party with Daddy:

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