Monday, November 09, 2009

I think she laughed??

Tonight Emily was fussing and I was trying to rock her to sleep. I had walked around her room with her too many times to count and she was still just looking at me with eyes wide open, so I decided to change things up and try out some squats :) For some reason when I did the first one I whispered "squaaaat" on the way back up. By the third one she got a *huge* grin on her face and made this... sound. It sounded exactly like "hehe". I swear, it's like she laughed. She looked very amused by this whole thing! Of course then I had to do like 15 more (oh the burn) to try to get her to do it again. which she did not. Turns out squats are great for getting her to go to sleep! lol

In any event... is it possible that she laughed or was this just one of those little breathy sounds sleepy babies make when they are smiling at you and it just sounds like a laugh? We may never know... unless she does it again... in which case I will report back ;)

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