Thursday, February 28, 2008

9 month check-in

We had a visit with the doctor today for Matthew's 9-month check-up. Thankfully it was a "no shots" visit so everyone was happy about that!

The doctor was really pleased with Matthew's growth and development. Funny, when she came into the room - after the nurse had been in to see us and weight and measure Matty - she said, "Well Matthew just charmed the pants off the nurse!" Haha. They all love him, and he was in an especially chatty, wiggly, rolly and giggly mood today so it was fun.

Now for the numbers - he weighed in at 8.86 kg (19.5 lb) and his length is 74 cm (29 "). That puts him in the 75-90th percentile for length and 25-25th for weight - yep, he's still our long and skinny string bean! :)

This week he has mastered the pincer grasp - picking up Cheerios and grated cheese like an expert with his thumb and forefinger. He's still rolling all over the place and is getting better and going across the room to reach things. Fun! :) And just yesterday I think he did the sign for "All done" when he was finished eating. I'm telling you, the kid is a genius.

Finally, he IS in fact cutting his second tooth! The first one, on the bottom left, is in, and now he is working on the bottom right. Right now it's just a hole in the gum but it's getting there. I think he's going to look so different with two widdle toofs!!

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