Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hiccups and other fun stuff

Time for another update at nearly 24 weeks now. Time is just flying, I can hardly believe it.

The baby has been getting hiccups lately, and it's the wildest thing!! I knew babies could get hiccups in utero, but I had no idea how weird they would feel to me. It's like your whole stomach 'jerks' in regular intervals for a few minutes. So crazy. Poor little one, though - I wonder if babies who get hiccups in the womb are more prone to them on the outside? Hmmm...

I've also had my first few Braxton Hicks contractions, and those are also pretty wild. I wasn't sure what it was the first couple of times, but now they are pretty recognizable. I don't get them all the time or anything, in fact I've only had about 5 in the past two weeks. Apparently it's all a part of 'practicing' for the real thing. Too bad the real thing doesn't feel like these - they are a piece of cake! haha

Other than that I am still feeling great! I've been having some back pain lately, especially when getting out of bed in the morning. Sean got me a new office chair, and I'm going to get a body pillow to sleep with to see if that helps. I've also started walking regularly and will start my pre-natal Yoga DVD this week. Fingers crossed - I am such a wimp! I know I need to suck it up soon!

Finally, I was so excited to babysit for Dee last night, because she had a pile of baby clothes for me to go through - it was like Christmas!! I love the little clothes and it sure makes it seem more real when you have these tiny things to look at and imagine a little person wearing.