Friday, February 16, 2007

25 week update

Well I am 25 weeks along now - only 15 to go, crazy! Just thought I'd post a quick update on how we're doing...

We had an OB appointment on Monday of this week, and everything is great. Since it's a new Dr she had ordered some more bloodwork etc, and it all came back perfect so that's good. She said everything for our anatomy scan (big ultrasound) was great and measuring perfectly. She did mention that they still were not able to get a great shot of the pallate so we will be going back for another 3-D ultrasound next week just to be sure that everything is fine.

Oh and I asked about my weight gain (um, 9 lbs in 4 weeks, yikes!) which she said was "a little high". So, I need to cut down on sweets. Boo-urns! Luckily my appetite has gone down considerably so I'm not snacking constantly like I was before. Baby G must have been going through a growth spurt or something! :)

Finally, I had ordered some super-cute onesies online for Sean (well for the baby, but I got them because of him). My favourites? "My Dad is a Geek", and "Living proof that geeks get it on". Hahahaha! How could I resist??