Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ultrasound, and the verdict is in....

Well we had our "Big" ultrasound yesterday, and everything looked amazing!!

The baby was pretty active, which made the tech have to chase after a moving target a few times, haha. And when she tried to get a good image of the face, the little stinker kept putting its hand in front of its face. It was actually pretty cute. But, in the end she said it all looked great, and when she gave the face shot one last try, the baby moved its hand out of the way and we got a beautiful image (click for a larger view!):

Other than appearing happy and healthy, of course, we were also looking for a 'between the legs' shot - which we got! So, without further ado, click on the "Read more..." link below to find out the big news!

And... just in case you are reading this and don't want to know the sex, we've hidden it here on the page. Highlight the area between the lines below (how apropos) to reveal the gender of this little munchkin:

It's a BOY!!!