Tuesday, January 16, 2007

~ Halfway there ~

We are officially half-way through this pregnancy. We had our first OB appointment in Toronto and I LOVE my new doctor! Yay!! I was a little worried about it since our doc in the States was so awesome - but as it turns out, our new one reminds us so much of our previous one that I wondered if they are related! :)

So... appointment update...
- The due date has changed to June 1, so I am actually close to 21 weeks now. Wow!
- Everything looked great, my weight is 135 lbs (at some point I will stop posting that #) and the baby's heart rate was 141.
- I had some bloodwork and other tests done
- We scheduled our "BIG" ultrasound - for tomorrow!!
- And we found out it will be a 3D ultrasound - very cool

I know I haven't been good about taking pictures, but I promise I will take my "20 week" one today, and I will post it tomorrow along with an update of our ultrasound. Keep your fingers crossed that it goes well, and that everything is as it should be.

And of course we're going to try to find out the sex tomorrow, if this baby cooperates. I know, it's fun to wait too. But it would seriously drive me bonkers to have to wait til the end! I need to plan... I need to paint... I need to buy cute little pink or blue outfits for goodness sakes! That said, if anyone would prefer not to know what it is (IF we are able to find out) - please let me know, and I won't post the info here. I'll just torture you with the knowledge that we, and everyone else, knows that juicy little tidbit. Hee hee!

OH! I forgot to mention that the baby is definitely kicking me now!! How could I forget to post such an important detail?? :) I felt the first little 'bump' on my birthday (which we know was probably just gas ;) ), but then I felt the first definite THUMPs on the plane on the way to Halifax, on December 24th. So, I was just starting my 18th week then.

Since then the baby has made its presense known every day. I feel kicks and punches I'd say at least every couple of hours - it is very cool and I will admit, a little bit weird. But super exciting and neat. Luckily Sean has also been able to feel a couple of kicks, by being very patient and waiting through various unidentifiable internal rumblings, hehe. When you feel a kick though, you know that's what it is - it's surprisingly distinguishable - and reassuring!