Saturday, October 28, 2006

Our little "pac-man"

We had our first OB appointment on October 19th, at about 7.5 weeks, and it went really well! The doctor (Dr. Brennan) is AWESOME. She was bubbly, energetic, and really listened to what I had to say. She also struck me as really caring. She's one of those docs you'd want to be friends with after delivering. I'm actually upset that we won't be here for the birth!

I had dragged Sean to the appointment, even though neither of us really knew if he should come or not. We didn't want anyone to think we were weird ;) As it happens about half the women in the waiting room had someone with them, so apparently it was okay! I'm sure he's glad he brought a book though (what - those pregnancy magazines aren't entertaining enough??), since most of the time he was sitting out in the waiting room alone, surrounded by women with various bump sizes.

But, I'm so glad he did come - not only did it calm my nerves while waiting (no clue why I was nervous - what can I say, I am new to this!), but he also got to come back to the room while the doc did an ultrasound! I wasn't sure they would do one, with it being so early, so I asked the nurse - gave her those puppy dog eyes and said, "Oh, I was really hoping we'd get an ultrasound today...??" In the end all we could see was a screen full of snow, and then a blob of no snow. Not exactly the amazing ultrasound moment I had expected :) BUT - the doctor did confirm everything looked great and everything was in the right place. She said she could see "the tadpole" making a clipping motion in the bottom right of the sac - I guess that was the heartbeat. She said, if you look carefully, you can see it there, it looks like a little pac-man... lol Well I couldn't see that but I took her word for it - it all looked like snowy blobbiness to me.

When we were checking out and setting up our next appointments, I mentioned we would be moving in January. These people are so nice, the receptionist was even like "Oh no, you're not staying with us? That's too bad!" with this sad look on her face. Oh it just struck me now... they are losing a paying customer! LOL But I'm sure that's not what she meant ;)

Anyway it was very reassuring and a great experience. I did feel a bit out of place having no discernible evidence of belonging there (ie a baby bump) - but maybe by the next appointment I will. We go back on Nov. 22, right around American Thanksgiving! We definitely have more to be thankful for this year.