Saturday, October 21, 2006

How this all began...

It was a chilly Saturday morning, the wind was blowing outside. Sean and I were doing chores around the house, and we had just ordered subs from Jimmy John's.

** fast forward 12 days **

You didn't think I would go into detail there, did you??

Anyway, 12 days later on the way home from work, I stop at Walgreen's and head down the 'family planning' aisle. My heart was racing - I'd never done this before and don't know what posessed me to buy a test on this particular day, but here we are. I grabbed the closest box I could find (FactPlus, sounds good to me) and run away from that aisle. Pick up a few other items, so I could sortof hide the pregnancy test among the other, more innocuous things, pay and get the heck out of there. I am a 29-year-old woman and yet I am as giddy as a kid playing hookey.

When I get home I head straight to the bathroom, coat on, with the bag of stuff. Sean asks for the bag, so he can put the other stuff away.

Um. okay. hee hee! Look what's inside!! (~giddy~)

Sean being the direction reader that he is, wants to read through the entire packet before I take the test. We want to make sure we follow the directions exactly, lest we get a false result and waste a stick. Good idea, but I am bursting here. He reads the entire thing - I think even the Spanish parts to make sure we're not missing anything - and then leaves me to it.

Having placed the completed test on the counter (laid flat, exactly as the directions said) I stand there, staring at the clock. Hang on, is time actually going BACKWARDS? No, my imagination. It's been ten seconds. COME ON!! Alright let me check the stick. Nothing. Okay it's been 30 seconds, maybe needs more time.

** fast forward 60 seconds **

Woah. Um, that's a second line. When it makes a "+" sign, that means...? Wait, let me check the directions... Hmm. So, plus means... yeah, it's what I thought.

Sean!! Uhh. C'mere.


About a week later, just to be sure, we got another test. It came up positive in about ten seconds.

So... due date is June 1. Thank goodness we have 9 long months to get used to the idea of being parents.

Er... wait, we're nearly at 8 weeks already!! We only have 32 weeks to get used to the idea. Eep!