Monday, January 14, 2013

Diary of a Real Pregnancy: 37 weeks - Getting There & Nesting

37 weeks... Alright so I have finally come around to the idea that we are, in fact, having a baby. I got it... it's happening. I'm there... mentally. Sometimes. Maybe?

I had a doctor's appointment this week, the first of the weekly appointments. Yowsa. You don't get to go weekly until you're close to the end... I guess that means we're close to the end. (Foreboding much??) Anyway -- good appointment. Got the lovely Group B strep test done -- Hello! It's not that big of a deal, really, but does make you want to yelp "Do I know YOU!" (hehehe... I love Steve Martin). My weight actually went *down* this week, somehow (little 'yay!' from me, even though it was just .4 lbs...) and blood pressure and pee were fine. Baby's heart rate was fine too... although when we first took a listen, she had been bouncing all around in there - as she does - and her heart rate was up around 180 or something... what! Bit freaky... it went down to around 120 again so that was all fine but just enough to give me a little mini panic attack. Gah, kids are good for that aren't they!

Anyhoo... moving on to The List from last week. We actually managed to get some of it done. Yay! 

  • write birth plan* & review with doc (*er... it counts if I just copied it from last time, right?)
  • get leave paperwork sorted with work
  • finish painting nursery walls
  • put up wall decorations, wash & put up curtains
  • wash bedding, towels, blankets & clothing
  • put clothing away
  • make wipes HA! Yeah not doing this.
  • assemble crib, set up with Angelcare monitor Just have to find parent base for monitor...
  • set up changing table, incl. wipes warmer <- Yes! with reusable wipes <- No.
  • set up bassinet in Master bedroom
  • dig out & wash baby bath, swing, car seat, bouncy chair, breastfeeding pillow, Moby
  • install car seat in van (move other carseats around...)
  • make up contact & info sheets for neighbours in case they end up taking care of kids while in labour
  • repack L&D bag and baby bag for hospital
  • cook meals for the freezer
  • get a pedicure and haircut (hehe okay these are 'extra'... but would be nice!)

Wow, still a lot there huh. But I had to add all of THESE things...

  • Pack up & put away all the Christmas Schtuff
  • Reorganize & put away all of OUR clothes (now that The Girl has stolen The Hubs' dresser)
  • Put Hypnobirthing MP3s on my iPhone
  • Download some new music and set up labouring playlists
  • Eat an entire gigantic Toblerone bar
  • Watch the Bachelor
  • Sit around a lot
So, you know - we're doing pretty well... and I'm all set with the eating of the Toblerones. 

Unfortunately insomnia is in full force, which is why I found myself wide awake at 4:30 am the other day, wondering what to do. Couldn't sleep. Started thinking about The List. Thought about the piles of clothing all over the house. Squeezed eyes shut... Nothing. So... I did something I never do: I got up, at 4:30 am, and went to work. Folding clothes, pulling stuff out of drawers, making more piles. Nesting much?? Felt a little crazy, but couldn't stop. On the plus side I got a lot done! Course the rest of the day was a bit of a crapshoot since I was *exhausted* but it's all good, because I knew I had folded clothing in drawers where it belonged and all was right in the world. YES.

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  1. Love the bullet point about eating a Toblerone bar!

    1. Hehehe... that was the best to-do item to complete, by far :)


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