Friday, December 21, 2012

Diary of a Real Pregnancy: Week 34 - Finishing up work

I'm finished work this week and having some mixed emotions about it. Mostly though, I am so glad to be done, so I can focus on the holidays, and then getting ready for baby. Funny how things can be quite quiet for so long and then people find out you're leaving and they need 100 things from you! I will say I will miss being needed in this way, even though a newborn is probably the most needy thing in the world -- it's just different.

Anyway to commemorate 34 weeks and it being the holidays, I took a few belly pictures in front of the tree. Can you say "CHEESY"? I know one thing - I look as tired as I feel!

I also had a doctor's appointment this week, so here's the lowdown from that:
- Baby's heart rate was 120 (dipped to 110 a couple of times, which was a bit odd...)
- My blood pressure was 115/65 - still pretty low
- Weight gain to date 42 lbs O_o
- Baby is head down! Yippee!

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