Friday, June 01, 2012

How to Soften the Blow of a 6 am Wake-up

Anyone who knows me know that I'm not a morning person. I'm pretty much the opposite of a morning person... covers-over-head bemoaning the arrival of the sun. I'll probably never be one of those people who willingly leap out of bed at 6 am to greet the day. No. Never.

That would be me.

For all intents and purposes, The Boy has followed suit, preferring to lounge in bed until 8 am (if given the opportunity), or later. He's always been a "good sleeper" - and by that I mean, sleeping when I want to sleep, especially in the morning. It's been a good run.

Which is why is was a bit surprised to discover that The Girl, my dear, sweet daughter is actually... dun dun duuuun... a morning person. *shudder* Not just a morning person... an EARLY morning person.

Now I know I have NO room to complain here. NONE. Early morning in our house is 6:00 am. For a lot of parents, this practically qualifies as mid-day. But for us, that's really frikken early. Not for my daughter! She's up and at 'em, bouncing her curly head around like it's party time. (Or, sometimes, crying and yelling and wanting one of us.)

The other thing to note about The Girl is that she's a tried-and-true Daddy's girl. Always has been - literally from day 1 she has always been comforted by Daddy and would run to him first whenever she got hurt or scared. I learned early on not to take this personally. Well okay no I didn't - I'd be all, "Dude, I carried you for nine months and pushed you out - and that was no picnic let me tell you - and this is the thanks I get?" - but eventually I just went with it. Besides it's kindof nice when a child wakes in the middle of the night and you have to shrug and say "Ehh, what can I do, she wants you!" hehehe.

This morning, 6 am came much earlier than usual. I was up late the night before, after baking treats for Treats Club at work (I love where I work... seriously, Treats Club! :)). 6 am, the familiar pitter-patter of feet and the usual whines from The Girl made me curl up, covers-over-head, hoping she would run to Daddy's side of the bed. Which she did. Ha! Victory!

Until... "Mama!" (pushing Daddy away and reaching for me) "Maaamaaa!"... Yep, she pulled the Mama Card.

Thing is, even at 6 am, The Girl is as adorable and sweet as ever. Her face is like a frikken cherub, which makes it really hard to be mad at her. And when she pulls the Mama Card, wanting ME and only ME, and being all sweet and lovey, well I melt a little. Can't fault her - I mean, I am pretty awesome. Would just be nice if she'd waited til 7 am to show me the love.