Friday, November 26, 2010

Emily's words - 14 months

I started making a list of the words Emily is saying already... crazy. She doesn't pronounce them all perfectly of course, but they're used in context and understandable by people other than just Sean and I, so I'm counting them ;D hehehe.

  1. shoes
  2. pants
  3. socks (soss)
  4. shirt
  5. hat
  6. poop
  7. bunbun (baba)
  8. mama
  9. daddy
  10. matty - sometimes 'matt-oo'
  11. kitty
  12. doggie (dah-dee)
  13. baby
  14. more
  15. all done (ah da)
  16. yes
  17. this
  18. that
  19. stairs (stahs)
  20. jack
  21. mimi
  22. nonna
  23. bear
  24. book (buht)
  25. moo (boo)
  26. baa
  27. la la la (ya ya ya)
  28. night night (niy niy)
  29. bye bye
  30. hi
  31. kiss
  32. ball (bah)
  33. pretty (pittee)
  34. dirty (deh-tee)
  35. ruff
  36. teet-teet (when she sees a bird)
  37. tickle-tickle (tibba tibba)
  38. ah-ah (while shaking her head 'no', doing something she shouldn't be, haha)
  39. cheese (when she sees the camera)
  40. bib
  41. wheee!
  42. uh ohhh
  43. bus
  44. up (bup)
  45. puzzle*
  46. light*
  47. boots*
  48. ta-da*
  49. bath*

And she actually said a 'phrase' the other day... "pretty baby". Wow!! She also jibber-jabbers constantly in a language that I can't understand, but she seems fairly confident in what she's saying and will nod her head "yes" as she's telling us these elaborate stories that sound like "Bedda buh meeh maa boo, debba neeh behh" etc. Hilarious.

Oh and the bonus is she's finally started to do some signing too! She has been waving 'bye-bye' for a while, but recently started signing all done, more, and milk. Yay! I can't wait to teach her more. 

* added 11/28

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