Friday, February 26, 2010

All About Emily

Just a few words about our sweet girl! She just turned five months old a couple of days ago... yeah you read that right. FIVE months. Wow...

Anyway... Emily is a very happy baby. Really not much phases her, though she really does NOT like to be startled... Matthew 'roaring' can set her off, and she will just WAIL. Thankfully a cuddle from mama gets her calmed down very quickly. She's a fairly cuddly baby, will curl right into me and suck her thumb, and loves to give kisses (aka open-mouth face slobbers!). She sucks her thumb a lot. She's a great sleeper and love love loves her big brother. He had her absolutely belly laughing tonight! Her favourite things right now are Daddy (she always has a smile for him!), me (aka 'the lunch lady'), her brother, Sophie the giraffe, and her feet. Her favourite foods (so far) are sweet potato and banana, but she also eats oatmeal, squash, pear, and rice cereal.

I don't know how she got to be so calm and happy... she certainly didn't get it from her often stressed-out, sometimes uptight Mama! She's content to play on her own for a good long while, and can keep herself entertained with just a blankie and her feet... but will cry for attention eventually :) She's always been a calm and quiet baby, though she is a relentless and enthusiastic kicker and has been since the womb!

I'm curious to see how her personality will develop in a few years. I hope she doesn't end up too shy, like I was growing up, but I think with such a boisterous big brother she will be pretty well rounded ;) I count my lucky stars that she is such a good baby and I hope it doesn't come back to bite me when she's a teenager!

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