Monday, October 26, 2009

Matthew can spell!

For a while now anytime we've been out in the car or stroller,  Matthew would see a stop sign and say "S-T-O-P... stop." Well he was just saying the letters he saw and since he knew it was a stop sign, he knew it said "stop".

When Nonna was here, in addition to teaching him that he lives on "Glebehome Bulvawd", she taught him that "p-e-e spells pee" (one of those grandmother things to do, haha). She'd ask him every now and then, "Matthew what does P-E-E spell?" and he'd say, "pee!". Okay, well when you say "p-e-e" it sounds like you're saying "pee" so no great stretch there.

Then this week I put up a Halloween decoration that said "BOO". He asked, "What does B-O-O spell?" and I told him "boo". We went on to tell him, "And m-o-o spells MOO. And p-o-o spells POO!" Haha.

So, anyway - now you can randomly ask him what S-T-O-P or B-O-O or P-E-E or M-O-O or P-O-O spell, and he can tell you the right word. The rest of the time when he sees a word he will recite the letters and say "What does that spell?" or "... spells..." and I'll tell him the word. Or he will make up a word, which can be really funny: "T-O-D-D-L-E-R... spells blehberr pthhhh."

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