Friday, September 04, 2009

A typical ride-home convo with Matthew

This is a typical conversation with Matthew on the way home from Mimi's at the end of the day...

Me: "How was your day today?"
Matthew: "Are we going THIS way Mummy? Mummy are we going THIS way? A mini-loader! Look a mini-loader! A mini-loader Mummy!! S-T-O-P... spells STOP. Red light Mummy! I see a red light! Stop!! Are we stopping? Oh it's green... It's green now! We can go now! Go Mummy! *pause*"
Me: "I'm going buddy. So, what did you do-"
Matthew: "A BUS Mummy! Look - a bus... in front of us! A BUS MUMMY! Where are we going? Are we going home? Where are we going? WHERE ARE WE GOING? Are we going THIS way? I want to go THIS way Mummy!! NO THIS WAY!! Wahhhh I want to go this wayyyyy... Where are we going? *pause* "
Me: "We're going home-"
Matthew: "I had pizza today! And chicken! I ate lunch today with my friends. Owen, and Connor, and Marley... but not YOU Mummy! Where are we going? Are we going THIS way??"

etc. Mostly at the top of his lungs. Haha.