Friday, September 07, 2007

First big laugh!

I finally got a real genuine laugh out of Matthew yesterday! It was so awesome!!! Up until now I've gotten tons of smiles, lots of big 'full face' wide-open-mouth smiles (but no sound) and a couple of hearty "HEH"s...

But yesterday he was in his bassinet and was supposed to be napping but was wide awake. I went over to chat with him and started doing the "Mommy's eating your hands! Uhmmm um um um" and put his fingers in my mouth... and didn't he let out the biggest most wonderful laugh I've ever heard. A real belly laugh - oh I could have died!! :D

Of course I have since tried to replicate it but to no avail. The "Mommy's eating your hands!" just gets a blank stare and maybe a grin, I guess I need something new! :) hee