Thursday, January 08, 2015

All the Posts I Haven't Written

Post-holiday Hangover has finally subsided, and I've managed to bust through the haze to bring you this entry. I survived another year and so did you! Go US!

However... this is admittedly a half-baked post. I mean -- I needed to start somewhere. It seems lately I have this bad habit of only writing posts in my head... I know every blogger composes posts in their head, constantly, like a non-stop narrative of life as they go through their day. Thing is, most bloggers actually sit down and WRITE those posts, whereas I've been in this weird loop of developing a (seemingly) great post in my head, life getting in the way for a few hours or a few days, and it's gone. Poof. And repeat.

A few examples of the posts I have had in my head at some point over the past month:

This isn't even me -- I stole this pic.
- An apology to my daughters for all the crazy things they will inherit from me

- "Karma: Smashing Glass and Keeping it Real" -- this is a good one about bad habits and listening to the universe

- Fridge Oatmeal!! Game changer!!

- Do I need to grow up and move my blog? Do I need a Facebook page for my blog? Things I don't know.

- Winter Break: I love my kids, but...

- Betterment in 2015 -- green smoothies, detox drinks, exercise??... Who AM I?

Anyway, it is what it is. I AM writing those posts, but with all the other things that seem to take my time lately -- seriously does the laundry EVER END?! -- it will take longer than anticipated to actually produce anything (work colleagues: I heard that collective "HA!"). They're coming, and they're gold Jerry. GOLD.

Until then... peace to you in this new year -- hoping it brings you less laundry, more smiles, and guilt-free chocolate and wine. And by 'you' I mean, all of us. Mainly me. :)