Saturday, May 31, 2014

Garden Update: Busy Busy Busy!

The weather is warm, things are growing in the garden and I've been busy - which explains why I've been MIA on the blog... I've been outside (and preoccupied with bringing a pair of kittens home ^-.-^ )! But I wanted to give a quick update of what's going on out there so far... it's exciting stuff I tell ya.

I've got everything (!) planted in our raised beds already. I feel like a lot of the bulk of the work in the garden is now done... we're on to maintenance mode! We've taken the plastic off the beds as well, and will keep an eye on the temperatures at night, but hopefully now that it's JUNE we should be okay to let the plants fend for themselves.

What I've got planted:
- cucumbers (2 kinds) -- looking a little shocked to be out in the cold. Pretty sure I saw them shivering.
- peppers (2 kinds) -- looking decent but might need a spray of Epsom salt water. Leaves are yellow and droopy.
- tomatoes (4 kinds) -- not looking so great :( except the ones in the Kozy Coats which are doing awesome! I will definitely be using these next year.
- romaine, salad bowl lettuce, and spinach -- all growing super well. We've been sampling!
- carrots -- just starting to sprout - last year's seeds so not sure how they'll do?
- leeks & green onions -- growing slowly but surely
- peas -- also slow to get going... I'll try soaking the next bunch that I'll plant in a few weeks.
- bush beans - green and yellow -- just starting to sprout
- nasturtiums, cosimos and marigolds
- chives -- transplanted from another bed

This past weekend we installed our irrigation system of soaker hoses hooked up to a timer, and the deer- and bunny-repelling motion sensor sprinkler. It's quite the system we've got out there! I can only hope I've timed things right and none of the plants just up and die on me - although a few of them are looking like they won't make it. Aie aie aie. Live little plants, LIVE!